Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taiwan Breakfast Shop

I was Lucky Enough to have the Chance of a Lifetime Attachment to a Local Taiwanese Breakfast Shop. We were there at night and stayed till early morning as Operating Hours for Breakfast Shop in Taiwan are Nearly 24 Hours!!

Don't be Surprise by the Number of Customers having their "Late Supper" or " Early Breakfast" between 1 ~ 6 AM!

My Bakery Hunting ~ Part 2

Bread Talk

Sweet Potato Bun ~ Don't You think It looked Exactly like a Real Sweet Potato??
White Wood House 白木屋食品股份有限公司


A Creative Combinations of Bakery Cum Dim Sum & Hot Food!

Semeur De Pain

Yamazaki Bakery

Red Hat Bakery

Bakery Hunting ~ Part 1

I Had my Bakery Hunting with the help of my Dear Friend ~ Joyce. She was the Driver and I was the Map Reader. I brought along a " Bakery Guide" and came to this Famous Yummy Cheesecake Bakery ~ which supply Cheesecakes, Brownies .. etc to Cafe.
YUMMY Cheese Cake house

This is a Nice and Friendly Lady who was kind enough to let me use their washroom and offered me a piece of her Freshly Baked Cookies!! Thanks Aunty!!