Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pancake Day

Pancake Making is EASY... Simple ..Yet DELICIOUS!!

I Get the Kids involved and they truly enjoyed the process!! They regarded the following picture as "MOUNTAIN"!!


Jade Pot Tea House is where i'll go for whenever I crave for Pan Fry Dumpling and Seaweed.

You'll notice the face of the workers changed when you're there after 8:30 pm as they're rushing to close shop at 9pm SHARP!! You'll FEEL the Pressure of Finishing your Food FASTER ...

Minced Pork Rice
  • Very Salty!!Braised Beef Tendon
  • Too Much Vinegar and Really SOUR!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Homemade Wanton

When I'm in the "Mood"of Wrapping Wanton, I'll spend the day wrapping Hundreds of Wanton and FREEZE them...It Serves as An IDEAL Quick Meal When you have No Time to Prepare Proper Meal...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bikini Birthday Cake

Yesterday Was My Birthday

My First Ever Birthday Celebration without Ah Ma..

I Baked Myself A "Bikini" Blueberry Cheesecake!

This was My Long Waited Cake indeed, I always wanted to make such a Naughty Cake But somehow Asian are too Conservative.... So I shall be the FIRST Who Own Such CAKE!!

This Little Cupcake with Plastic Flower Deco Was Placed on Ah Ma's Grave On My Birthday. I wanted her to have a share of what I had... and such Practice shall Remain Forever...

Opps..... One Side Was GONE!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Visit After The Funeral...

The Following Photos might Distract Some Viewers but this is My Way Of Remembering My Beloved Ah Ma...

This Blog Does Not LIMIT to just FOOD.... It Serves As My Personal Diary as well....

It Shall Help me to bring back My Memories as Time Passes By.....

Be it Good OR Bad Memories...

Today is My First Time Paying Visit to Ah Ma's Grave after her Funeral...

9 Days Ago....

13 Days After Her PAssing....

With Her Beloved Great GrandChildren ~ Dylan & Felicia..

Kids Being Kids...They are so Innocent...Questions like...

"Where Is "Po Tai"?

"Why Can't I find Po Tai"?

When you Asked them To Say "Hi" to "Po Tai". .Their Reply Were..

"Po Tai Wouldn't Listen cos She's Not Here.."

"I Can't See Her"

Whatever It is..I'm Sure Ah Ma is Now in the Heaven...

With My Belated Grandpa...

Happily Watching Us....

The Wreath was Made By Me...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kuching Sio Bee 烧卖

~ Above photos were taken from Alexallied~

Many Kuching People would claim that " Sin Kwang Heng" Sio Bee at the Open Air Market would be the best.

Ah Ma loved Sio Bee...

Just few days before she passed away, I bought some for her as she had lost her appetite in her final stage of life.

Kuching Sio Bee ~ RM o.50 each..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ah Ma Vs Sushi King

Knowing AhMa, She will NEVER Go for Expensive Dining.....

UNLESS You Tell her

  • VALUE FOR $$$...

We Were there during the RM 2 Sushi King Card Bonanza.

At first, She Refused to go.... Knowing there Must Be Long Queue..

Luckily We Managed to Bring her... For the Very LAST TIME..

She Seemed to Enjoy Her Sushi...

My Very Last Photo With her...

She Was Aiming for the "Mini Octopus"!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

GoodBye Ah Ma !

When the World Is Paying Tribute to the Famous Michael Jackson, My Family and I are suffering from the Lost of My Beloved Grandma ~ Whom I called

"Ah Ma"

Ah Ma Was a was a Thrifty and Gutsy Lady due to her Background.
  • Became a Widow at only 28, she was Forced to leave her children behind and Worked in Seria to Earn a Living
  • Lost her Right Eyesight due to Glaucoma
  • Removed her breasts at the Age of 80 due to Breast Cancer.
  • Undergone Numerous Chemoteraphy at the Age of 80++
She has Suffered throughtout her life, but she Never Complainted.

I have been Close to her since she was staying with us all this while..

  • I'm her Grandaughter Cum Personal Nurse
  • I Took Care of her when she had her Breast Removed..
  • It was a Heart Breaking Long Process Seeing an Old Lady Suffered

I'm still living in the World of Denial..

  • I couldn't believe she has left us forever.
  • Having Sleepless Night since the Day she left.. and Afraid to Wake up in the Middle of the Night and realised this was Not a DREAM!

Old people's life is like a "Candle in the Wind".. So FRAGILE..

They May be Healthy at One Moment but Collapse with NO Sign..

Do whatever you could when they're Alive.. and you shall Not Regret thereafter.

I Truly LOVE Her...Although I didn't Express Much!

  • I'm the One Taking Care of her but I'm not Good Enough..
  • So Many Things I should have done but I Didn't Manage to. . and Now ...I have NO CHANCE in doing so.

GoodBye Ah Ma...


My Last Present For Her...

She Was My "Queen Of Heart"

29.01.1926 ~ 29.06.2009

She's Now An Angel..