Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kim Bay H.K. Macau Restaurant

Kim Bay H.K Macau Restaurant is a Newly Opened Restaurant at tHe Spring. I was there ~ hoping for the Famous Macau "Portugese Egg Tart"! But to my Disappointment, there wasn't any...

This restaurant will definitely be My FIRST and the LAST VISIT as the Food was TERRIBLE..

Mango Milk Shake RM6.90

Ceylon Tea in HK Style RM2.90

Seafood Taufu in XO Sauce with Rice RM11.30

Dumpling Noodle Soup RM6.80

  • The Dumpling and Noodle Tasted Weird!

Deep Fried Sotong RM6.30

Salt and Spicy Taufu RM8.80

  • Tasteless, Seasoning were just sprinkled on top!