Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coffee Cheesecake

To My Surprise, Even Little Children Loves this Coffee Cheesecake!!

Chicken Gizzard & Liver

When I was Little, I Was " FORCED" To Eat "Weird Weird" food like Gizzard, Liver, Clam, Soft Boiled Eggs .... etc which was Believed to be " GOOD" for Kids! As a result, I NEVER Like any of the above since I was FORCED to Swallow!!

As I Grew Older, I began to Acquire the taste and this morning, I was Craving for Chicken Gizzard and Liver ~ which was supposed to be a Common Food but Ended up to be so Difficult to Find!

Almost Gave up after I've Been to Four Places but Luckily managed to Get this Stall at Tabuan Jaya! What to do? People are getting more Health Conscious these Days.......