Friday, May 1, 2009

Sarawak Laksa



Today is a Public Holiday and I was Craving for LAKSA.....

Sarawak Laksa ~ a Well- Kept Family Recipe created by the late Mr Tan Yong Him from Kuching in the early 1960s. Just like Henry Ford did for the Motorcar, Tan made Sarawak Laksa Popular and Available throughout the State and Beyond...

It is a unique Sarawakian Breakfast Dish of Rice Vermicelli in a Fragrant soup, Topped with juicy prawns, Tender chicken slices, Bean sprouts and Julienned omelette. It is served with a squeeze of lime and a generous dollop of Fiery Sambal Belacan on the side..

There're many so call "FAMOUS" Sarawak Laksa in town ... FOODY GOODY? GOLDEN ARCH? CHONG CHOON? MDM TANG?? ... etc

My Favourite Sarawak Laksa is NONE of the Above but to this Humble little stall at FAT CAT CAFE , STUTONG ! This is the ONLY Place I can trust for its Consistency . . which has been MAINTAINED over the years....

Sarawak Laksa Rm 3.50