Friday, May 22, 2009

Chillipeppers Select

Chillipeppers Select is a Popular " HALAL" Dining Establishment here in Kuching. It serves a variety of Food - from Local to other fare...

Cola + Lemon RM2

Lime Juice Rm2

Saute Sambal Squid Rm 4.80
Salty.. But Goes well with Rice...

Kangkong Belacan Rm 6.50

Ayam Penyek Rm6.80

Spicy Sambal
Very Nice!
Boxing Chicken Rm4.80

Stir Fry Baby Kailan Rm6.50
" Burnt" Vege !!

Beef Rendang Rm 4.80

Hopeless! Feel Like using Instant Rendang PAste!! Chillipeppers Select
Lot 361, Rubber Road Kuching

Double Layer Chocolate Cheesecake

Delectable Chocolate Cheesecake!!