Monday, April 27, 2009

Steam Marie Biscuits Cake

This is a Flourless Steamed Cake ~ Very Spongy !! Thanks Carol and Irene for Sharing....

Cartoon Character Cookies

Seems like Baking Horlick Doggie Cookies and Cartoon Character Cookies has became a "Heat" Among Bloggers who are interested in Baking.

I had so much Fun Making this although it took quite a while for me to "Master" the skill to prevent the Cookie Dough from Sticking onto the cutter.

I can't Stop Laughing when a New Pattern is OUT!! WOW..... They're SO.... CUTE!!

Little Baby Isabel Was trying very HARD to have her Tiny Bite .... . But It was just Too HARD for her....

After Several Attempts.... This is What She DID!