Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomato Egg Stir Fry & Thai Pandan Chicken

I'm Definitely NOT a GOOD COOK but I was "FORCED" to be a "BETTER" Cook as there's NO GOOD COOK in my House!


~ The Story ~

My 84 Years Old Grandma doesn't know how to COOK!!! Ha ha... Even my Dad ~ Her Son, Regarded her as the "WORST COOK" On Earth!! Frankly, I've never come across an OLD LADY who can't cook since her young days...

My Mum used to be a BETTER COOK (AT Least, At that point in time I thought She Was a Much Better Cook Than my Grandma But ...NOT AFTER the Birth of her First Grand Children, her Cooking Standard has Dropped DRASTICALLY!

  • NO Pepper

  • NO Cooking Wine

  • NO MSG

  • NO Deep Fried

  • Less Oil / Salt
  • Everything Must be 100% Fully COOKED

  • One Pot Meal to save time

So I Started "Polishing" my Cooking Skills for Survival.. ^-^

Tomato Egg Stir Fry Might be a Common Family Dish but NOT In my family.

Mum never like Tomatoes so we never or seldom have this served on our Dining Table .

Thanks to Aunty Terri for this Wonderful Recipe!! This turned out to be the BEST Tomato Egg Stir Fry I've ever had!!

  1. Tomato Egg Stir Fry

2. Thai Pandan Chicken "Gai Hor Bai Toey "

I Love Thai Food, especially Thai Dessert! I've spent Months in Bangkok but sadly, I didn't have the Chance to try this Authentic Thai Cuisine during my long stay in Thailand.

Thai Pandan Chicken or Known as " Gai ( Chicken) Hor Bai Toey" in Thailand makes a Terrific Party Food !! You can make them into "Kebab" using Satay Stick as Party Finger Food too....

NB: The Longer the Chicken marinates, the MORE "GREEN " it will appear. This is a Good Sign, as it means the chicken has been Infused with the flavor and colour of the Pandan

You Can Either Deep Fry or Grill them on the Barbeque / Oven

Serve With Thai Chilli Sauce with Toasted Grounded Peanuts ...

Homemade Egg Tarts

Felicia is a Timid Little Girl, She hardly Open her "Golden Mouth" . However, if she happened to answer the phone she'll have this Request " Yi Yi, I want EGG TART!

This is Felicia's Way of Eating Egg Tarts ...

Today, Egg Tarts come in many Variations:

  • Hong Kong Style " ShortCrust Pastry" Type

  • Hong Kong Style "Flaky Puff Pastry " Type ~ Traditionally made with Lard rather than Butter OR Shortening

  • Portugese Egg Tarts ~ consists of custard in a crème brûlée-like consistency caramelized fashion in a puff pastry case

My Personal Preference would be "Portugese Egg Tarts". These Authentic Portugese-style Egg Tarts in Macau Is Simply... IRRESISTIBLE !

The BEST Portugese Egg Tarts I've ever had was in KFC, TAIPEI! As far as I know, KFC's selling PORTUGESE EGG TARTS in its TAIWAN and HONG KONG's Outlets..

I can hardly find any Local Bakery Selling Portugese Egg Tarts, what More to say PIPING HOT TARTS? The Craze is Over and I've to come out with My OWN HOMEMADE EGG TARTS ^-^

"Original" Portugese Egg Tarts
"Blueberry" Portugese Egg Tarts
" Peach" Portugese Egg Tarts
"Coconut" Portugese Egg Tarts

Hong Kong "Flaky" Egg Tarts

Hong Kong "Shortcrust" Egg Tarts

Thank You, Uncle !!

Since I was little .... I've been Having this " Unknown Fear" Towards My Uncle. It was really strange because I've never been Scolded OR Beaten by him. In fact, I'm NOT the Only Odd One who's Afraid of him..... We ALL have the same feeling towards him. Probably because of his Profession??


Apart from my Dad, my Uncle is the ONLY one who has shown his Tremendous Support "Quietly" to my "Hobby cum Career" through subscribing "Flavours" Magazine and Buying Cooking/Baking Books ~ Mostly bought and sent from Overseas.

Although he is a Busy Professional, he will take the Trouble to Personally Wrap the Book before giving to me.

I NEVER have the Chance to tell him Personally How Grateful and Lucky I am to have him as my Uncle.... cos i'm still having this Phobia of Talking to him although i've already Grown up.