Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot Star Large Chicken Steak ~ 豪大大雞排

Hot Star Large Chicken Steak 豪大大雞排 ~ Claimed to be the "Originator" of the Chicken Steak in Taiwan. The Size ~ about Twice as Big as those at other Eateries.

This Gigantic Chicken Steak Is Coated With Taiwanese Famous "Sweet Potato Flour".

Breaking The RULES.....

COOKING In Hostel is ProHiBited!

We Decided To Break the RULES when we Discovered this "EVENING MARKET". Taiwanese regarded this kinda Market as " SunSet Market" as they only start operating in the Evening. We will PRoceed to the Market AFTER CLASS at around 6:30PM..

Oysters are in Abundance and Relatively Cheap In Taiwan. I decided to Have my First Attempt In Making " Deep Fried Crispy Oyster with Light Batter"
I did this during Weekends when Our "Hostel Keeper" has Gone Home. I had to Do This Near the Window as the Smell Was SO STRONG!! The HOT OIL Just "SPLASHED" Everywhere!! DISASTER!!

Verdict: Super Crispy Eventhough No Exact Measurement For the Batter, Oyster were SUper FRESH and JUICY!! Goes Well with Pepper Salt and Chilli Oil ....

This Is The "Restaurant" Version of Crispy Fried Oyster

This was Another Secret Cooking, I LOVE The Beans On The Left although I Regard Myself as "Carnivore". Mum Said It Is Called " HAIRY BEANS" ~ which I Have Never Seen Back Home..

Stir Fry Mussel With Basil

When you walk along "Dan Sui"Riverside Cycle Path 漁人碼頭 , You'll get to see People selling Fresh Mussels. Many Seafood Restaurant had Mussels as their Specialty.

I Started Eating Fresh Mussels During my Uni Days in Australia. Chinese Version of Mussel Cooking is a NEW TRY For me and I began to Acquire the Taste of "Basil". Both Thai and Taiwanese Love to Add Basil in their cooking to enhance the Taste.

~ Basil ~
The Selecting and Cleaning Process

The Menu ~ This Restaurant is the Oldest and Most Famous

My Version of Stir Fry Mussel ~ Secretly Cooked in My Hostel!

Verdict: Spicy But Too Dry To My Liking..

Yannick Patisserie 亞尼克菓子工房

It Was a Boring Weekend again, We decided to make a Trip to 萬里~ which was Quite a Distance Away from School. I had long heard of this "Miracle Bakery" from Media and friends.... where Long Queue is a "Norm " even on Weekdays !!
Founded in 2000 by a Young Baker Mr Tsung En Wu, Yannick Patisserie 亞尼克菓子工房 has become the Largest Patisserie Supplier of Taiwan in Just 3 YEARS TIME!!!
Famous for its High Quality PAtisserie with Fair Prices, the Annual Turnover has Grown From USD10,000 to a Staggering USD 8 MILLION in 2005! I'm Sure This Figure is Triple or More by now....

" YANNICK is Not Only a Patisserie Business. To Me, It Is Pursuing A DREAM....." Chairman Mr Tsung En Wu

小故事】用愛烘焙少年 給他機會 創造屬於他的天空 


Even We were "PREPARED" To Wait But Never Expect for Such a LONG QUEUE!!

I Had to Squeezed In Just To Snap Few Pictures and Have a Quick Look At Their Goodies... The Outlook were "Simple". Probably It was the "TASTE" and "PRICE" that Matters. TOO BAD...None Of My Buddies wanted to join the Queue and thus, NO COMMENT For Its Cakes!

Workers In ACTION...

     傳  真:(02)24928356

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Street Food In Taiwan

I Shall NEVER have the chance to FEEL HUNGRY When I'm On The Street!! You will End up like me ~ Regret for NOT HAVING a Bigger Capacity to Try All The Food!!

I Accidentally "DISCOVER" This little Stall Opposite "ShiPai" MRT Station while accompanying my friend to the Hospital for Follow Up. YES!! HOSPITAL......
When you're abroad and tends to depend on Your Personal BUS NO.11 (Your LEG!!)wherever you GO, you'll just GLUE to Your Friend to ANY PLACE Even the HOSPITAL ~ Hoping For More Food Discovery along the Way!!

This Shop sells Nice Crispy Spring Onion Pancake 蔥油餅 and Soya Milk ~ Mainly Served as Breakfast or Snack. It was so........ YUMMY that i bought few more Pieces back to the Hostel..

Assorted "Lu Wei" 滷味

This is Similar to Our "Roti Canai" with the exception of Chopped Spring Onion. They used an Automatic Machine for making the Flaky Spiral Texture... "FAST, EFFICIENT and HYGENIC!!"


The Famous " TWINS" Doughnut

Canteen Food

We had ONE and ONLY Canteen in My School ~ which was surrounded with Trees, Up on a Hill and Facing the Sea. It was indeed an Isolated Place where you can Hardly find any shops nearby...

Although Canteen Food is NOT Mandatory, I don't have a Choice but to Stick to it For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( NO FOOD DURING WEEKENDS). At First, I was so excited and Looking Forward for their Menu (Which was FIXED) But Gradually Fed Up Eating as the Food Remained UNCHANGE!

It Made Me Feel like a Prisoner as You just Carry your Plate, Join The Queue and the Staff will Scoop the Dishes onto it. They'll ALWAYS Treat me BETTER as I was the only OVERSEAS STUDENT at that time. .. ^-^

Please Take Note that My Deep Fried Chicken Chop was MUCH BIGGER Than the rest... Hee hee!! That was what I called "BETTER TREATMENT" For OVERSEAS STUDENT as they knew I'm a Carnivore!!! " No MEAT, BAD MOOD...!!"