Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pandan Rainbow Kuih

After having the Rainbow Kueh at 6 Fook Coffee Shop, I Promised Dylan I'll Make him One Big Tray of Rainbow Kueh!

He was Excited to join me in the Making Process ..

I used 100% Pandan Juice with No Artificial Colouring Except The TOP Part.

I Guess What Makes Dylan Or Little Children Loves Rainbow Kueh is the "Colouring" Which First Attracted them. Secondly, it was Due to the "FUN" of "Peeling" Rainbow Kueh Layer by Layer..

Not So Much On the "Taste" Though....

The " Pandan" Batter

The "Original" Batter

The Tedious Part is the "Waiting" and "Steaming" Process!

Layer By Layer ...

Ready To Serve .....

6 Fook Coffee Shop

6 Fook Coffee Shop ~ A Newly Opened Coffee Shop at Tabuan Height Commercial.

Mum Loves to buy local kuih here, probably this is the "Only" coffee shop in Town allocated such a Big Space for Displaying Local Kuih!

The Taste of the Kuih here are "Above Average" and So does the Price!

Rainbow Kueh Is Dylan's Favourite ~ RM0.60 per pcs

3 pcs of Rainbow Kuih = Ham Chi Peng!

Real "Tiny" Little Piece ...

We Were there because of this Highly Recommended "Hakka Noodles"

  • Disappointed!

The Same Goes to this "Kueh Chap"

"Sambal Vinegar"

6 Fook Coffee Shop

Tabuan Height Commercial

Tuesday ~ CLOSED