Monday, June 1, 2009

The WORST Dinner .... Ever...

No Matter How LATE It is RIGHT NOW, I have to Make Sure I Finish This Post Before going to Bed!

Initial Plan Was having Seafood at Taman Kereta ( Top Spot) but Ended up at Teck Seng Seafood ~ Pending Seafood Centre .
This was Our FIRST and Definitely Will be the LAST TIME eating here...

Service ? TERRIBLE!

Cleaniness? Even WORST!!

Can you Imagine "BLACK Water Spot" appreared on their Straw? As if they are "Recycling" their Straw by Picking them up from the DRAIN?? The Next thing was their Mug... "Food Stain" still STICKED Onto it!! Oh... HORRIBLE!!

Before the Food was served, I've already asked whether or not to PROCEED??

Salted Vege " Kiam Chai" Soup
  • Real Salty!

Midin With Red Wine

Feel Like Eating "Blanched" Midin, TASTELESS!

Deep Fried ?? Fish
  • Crispy and Nice...

We Ordered Steamed Whole Fish but they served Two Pieces of Fish Cutlets in Teochew Style... We were a bit Suspicious but Continued eating.....

When we were "Struggling" Finishing THe fish, OUR INITIAL ORDER was served!

I told the Waitress We've almost finished our Fish already but She just said

" The Teochew Steamed Fish Belongs to Other Table, Not Yours!"

" I don't know, you just tell the Cashier when you make payment!"


We Both Stared at the Fish and Feel Like Vomiting before eating.... Never Ever Had 3 Fishes In a Meal.....and the Worst Thing is Just TWO Of US!

I Threw Out after My Fist Bite, My Mouth's Full of Fish Scales!! They Didn't clean their Fish PROPERLY ! !

The Lady Boss came later and said

" Oh..... you've already Eaten Two Fishes... So.....

Before She Continued Talking, My Friend Instructed her to "CHARGE ACCORDINGLY"! Hai...... Why He Discountinued her conversation? I want to know what was she trying to Say .. .


It Ruined and Spoilt Our Mood for the Entire Night!!

Teck Seng Seafood, Pending Seafood Centre


AnZAC Cookies

One of My Favourite Cookies is Anzac Cookies ~ Traditional Cookies Baked by Anxious Wives and Mothers during World War I, packed in Food Parcels and sent to the Australian soldiers in the Trenches.

Bake With Love's Anzac Cookies Recipe is based on a somewhat Traditional Anzac Cookies Recipe

  • Not overly-sweet
  • Made from Oats, Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Black Seseame seeds, Melon Seeds ....etc
  • Healthy and Filling Snack ~ Ideal for those who is Health Conscious. ..

Thin and Crispy......