Friday, May 29, 2009

Mille Crepe

Mille Crepe Is Bake With Love's LATEST CREATIONS!!

Mille Crepe is a FRench Cake Made of Many Crepe Layers!

Mille” (Mil) means “A Thousand” ~ Implying the Many Layers of Crepe...

Peanut Butter Mille Crepe
~ With A Generous Spread of Grounded Peanuts~

BlueBerry Mille Crepe

~ Using USA Blueberry Filling~

Clown Cupcakes

Sssssshhhhhh......... !!

These Clown Are Having PArtY!!

I had So MUCH FUN Decorating These Cuppies!!!

They're SO..... CUTE!!

Seems like They're having A GREAT TIME Too!!!