Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malaysian Curry Lamb


I'm Not Sure About OTher Races but INDIAN Eats CURRY EVERYDAY!! NO JOKE!! I Used to Stay with Indian Family and they Cooked CURRY EVERYDAY!!

I Always go for Simple Way of Cooking Curry. So Let " A1" and " BaBas" Do Their JOB and You Wouldn't Be Disappointed!!

YUMMy ...YUMMy!!!

Tracy's Kitchen

I was introduced to Tracy's Kitchen along Jalan Abell after watching Taiwanese Celebrity Chef Chen Hong 陈鸿's Programme Called "阿鸿上菜" many years ago.

Tracy's Kitchen Specialized in Pak Lo Duck and Chicken Since 1999.

Pak Lo Duck Or Better known as "Lor Ark" is a Traditional Teochew (Southern Chinese) way of Preparing Duck. The use of Galangal and Five-Spice Powder together with Sugar counters the Gamy Taste of the Duck meat!

Fresh Cucumber Juice Rm3

  • Tasteless ~ Probably This is How a PURE Cucumber Juice Should Taste like!

Pak Lo Duck Rm4.80 Egg Rm1

The sauce was Too SWEET for me!

Wine Chicken
Kangkung Belacan Rm3.50

Failed! No Belacan Taste At ALL!!

The Good Things about this Place are:
  • They serve only Drumstick cos I Don't Eat BREAST MEAT!
  • Very Clean Environment.
  • Free Peanuts Or Black Beans Soup Comes with Pak Lo Duck.. and the Most Important thing is you Wouldn't Get Thirsty after having the Soup!