Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mix Grill

This is My Favourite Place for Mix Grill ~ Located at Petanak Market Food Centre.

Prepare to "WAIT " When you're there because the Business Is So ...GOOD and basically, run by ONE Person only except Weekends or Holidays with the help of his children.

Mix Grill comes with Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Egg, Ham, Baked Beans, Fries and Salad! The Portion is LARGE! And the PRICE.....??

RM 11 !!!

UnBelievable? I Regarded this as THE MOST VALUE FOR $$$ Mixed Grill In Town!!

Noticed There were Two Different Knifes? Hee hee hee....... One of Those Belongs to ME!!

DON'T LAUGH!! This is The ONLY Place I'll Bring MY OWN "Knife" and "Mustard Sauce" because I had a HARD TIME using their Knife!! It is Just an ORDINARY BUTTER SPREAD Knife and I Have No Patience USing it!

Those Who " Laughed " at ME Ended Up Borrowing My KNIFE!! See...... ... I've Warned You!! ^-^

Steak House, Petanak Market Food Centre
Closed on Monday
7PM till ..Late
Tel: 019 - 888 -9406

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Raisin as Garnishing!

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