Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pandan Tapioca Kueh

This is a 100% Pure Pandan Tapioca Kueh
~ Thank You Aunty Rita for her Tapioca~

Japanese Curry

This is My Long Waited Japanese Curry Pack

~ Mum Brought All the way from Perth ....

Japanese Curry Cube ~ Cooking Chocolate ??

Don't you Think They looked Alike?

Goes Well With Steamed Rice!

The Courtyard Recipe

My First Impression of this Restaurant was Serving Malay Food but to my surprise, this newly opened Restaurant along Jalan Tabuan served mainly Taiwanese Cuisine!!
  • Fruit Tea Rm 6
  • Iced Lemon Tea Rm3

    Vietnamese Prawn

RM8 per 100g = RM 38.40 for 2 Prawns

  • Expensive But Tasted Great!

Tom Yam Soup Rm12

Stir Fry Middin Belacan Rm 8
  • Very Nice!!

Taiwanese Fried Oyster with Basil Rm12
  • Not to my liking, I still prefer the one I had in Taiwan OR The one I "Secretly" Fried in my Hostel Were Even BETTER!! Ha ha ha....

I will Definitely be back for MORE but the only Drawback is ~They only have "Big" Tables for the Air Conditioned section so we were "Politely" invited to the "Open" area where I Got Mosquitoes Bites!! I think they should have a Combination of BOTH for a Better Fine Dining Experience !

The Countryard Recipe

Lot 78 Jalan Tabuan 93100 Kuching

The Following Day....

I don't have ENOUGH of Big Prawns!! So I asked my Dad ~Where to Get Big Prawns?We finally found it at Satok Market Rm28/kg ~ CHEAP & FRESH !!

( Compared to what I had last night RM80/kg!!)

YUMMY...... YUMMY!!!!!!!