Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maggie Mee Goreng


" Cepat Dimasak, Sedap Dimakan! "

I can still remembered Maggie's Advertisement when I was little! Maggie Mee is something One Can't Resist! Even Kids!

Little Dylan Can't Take Spicy Food, even with Little Pepper Added still Complainted " Lak Lak"! But He Loves Maggie Mee Goreng ~ Curry Flavour Somemore!! He Rather Drink More Water whenever he Had this!

This is a Very Simple yet Tasty Dish! The Important Trick Is Do not OVerdone with the Noodle .... Just A quick Blanch will Do because You will Stir Fry Later .....

As for the Seasoning, It depends very much on Individual. To me, One Pack of Maggie Curry Seasoning Is just Nice for Two Packs of Noodles...

Tata........ Ready To Serve!!

Yew Fook Cafe

Yew Fook Cafe is Next To Auntie's Corner OR Opposite Unaco Supermarket along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce. It is Easy To Find at Night especially With the Two Gigantic Lanterns ....

I will Come to this Place for TWO Things:
  • Nam Yu Chicken Wings
  • Ambula (Buah Kedongdong) Juice

This place is Mostly Packed at All Times ~ Breakfast, Lunch OR Dinner.

Their Food Standard is maintained , Service is Fast and Most Importantly ~ The Price is REASONABLE!

Nam Yu Chicken Wings
  • Very Crispy and Well Marinated!
Teochew Steamed Fish

Ginger Venison

  • The Sauce was Superb!
Fried Changkuk Manis with Egg

Kangkung Belacan
  • Very Nice!!

Ambula Juice

  • Refreshing Drink!!

    The Total Bill??

  • Rm 63.90

Including Drinks and Rice for 5 Adults!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mille Crepe

Mille Crepe Is Bake With Love's LATEST CREATIONS!!

Mille Crepe is a FRench Cake Made of Many Crepe Layers!

Mille” (Mil) means “A Thousand” ~ Implying the Many Layers of Crepe...

Peanut Butter Mille Crepe
~ With A Generous Spread of Grounded Peanuts~

BlueBerry Mille Crepe

~ Using USA Blueberry Filling~

Clown Cupcakes

Sssssshhhhhh......... !!

These Clown Are Having PArtY!!

I had So MUCH FUN Decorating These Cuppies!!!

They're SO..... CUTE!!

Seems like They're having A GREAT TIME Too!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Dumpling Festival 端午节

Happy Dumpling Festival!!

Ok, Eating Dumpling Is A MUST On This Day .

Another Interesting Point about this Festival is that when the Clock Strikes 12pm, the Magic of Nature Makes the Noon of Today the Best Time to have An Egg Standing UPRIGHT on a Flat Surface!!

My First Attempt ..... FAILED!

Then I Tried OVER & OVer & Over.....again..

You May Find The Following Clip Helpful In Getting The Eggs Stand ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mix Grill

This is My Favourite Place for Mix Grill ~ Located at Petanak Market Food Centre.

Prepare to "WAIT " When you're there because the Business Is So ...GOOD and basically, run by ONE Person only except Weekends or Holidays with the help of his children.

Mix Grill comes with Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Egg, Ham, Baked Beans, Fries and Salad! The Portion is LARGE! And the PRICE.....??

RM 11 !!!

UnBelievable? I Regarded this as THE MOST VALUE FOR $$$ Mixed Grill In Town!!

Noticed There were Two Different Knifes? Hee hee hee....... One of Those Belongs to ME!!

DON'T LAUGH!! This is The ONLY Place I'll Bring MY OWN "Knife" and "Mustard Sauce" because I had a HARD TIME using their Knife!! It is Just an ORDINARY BUTTER SPREAD Knife and I Have No Patience USing it!

Those Who " Laughed " at ME Ended Up Borrowing My KNIFE!! See...... ... I've Warned You!! ^-^

Steak House, Petanak Market Food Centre
Closed on Monday
7PM till ..Late
Tel: 019 - 888 -9406

Thin Crust Smoked Salmon Potato Pizza

A Healthier Pizza with :




Portugese Chicken

Another Simple Yet Tasty ONE POT MEAL and the Kids Simply Love the Creaminess and Flavor of this Dish!

Raisin as Garnishing!

Serve With Rice OR French Bread ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malaysian Curry Lamb


I'm Not Sure About OTher Races but INDIAN Eats CURRY EVERYDAY!! NO JOKE!! I Used to Stay with Indian Family and they Cooked CURRY EVERYDAY!!

I Always go for Simple Way of Cooking Curry. So Let " A1" and " BaBas" Do Their JOB and You Wouldn't Be Disappointed!!

YUMMy ...YUMMy!!!