Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Month Later ...

Over 20 Break -ins, Vehicle theft Cases solved..

"Police have solved more than 20 cases of housebreaking and vehicle thefts here following the arrest of 11 persons and the recovery of RM450,000 worth of loot"

Borneo Post 6th October 2009

Today is Exactly One Month after that incident and dad was at the Police Station today to identify if any of the recovered stolen properties belonged to us.

There was a Toshiba Laptop but different Model..


What have I learnt from this incident?

I appreciate my Personal Belonging MORE than EVER..


I have this Bad Habit of Not Appreciating Whatever I have cos they all come easily..

But after What I used to belong GONE FOREVER, I TREASSURE Them ALL..!

I Learnt from the Hard Way and It HURTS..!!