Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canteen Food

We had ONE and ONLY Canteen in My School ~ which was surrounded with Trees, Up on a Hill and Facing the Sea. It was indeed an Isolated Place where you can Hardly find any shops nearby...

Although Canteen Food is NOT Mandatory, I don't have a Choice but to Stick to it For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( NO FOOD DURING WEEKENDS). At First, I was so excited and Looking Forward for their Menu (Which was FIXED) But Gradually Fed Up Eating as the Food Remained UNCHANGE!

It Made Me Feel like a Prisoner as You just Carry your Plate, Join The Queue and the Staff will Scoop the Dishes onto it. They'll ALWAYS Treat me BETTER as I was the only OVERSEAS STUDENT at that time. .. ^-^

Please Take Note that My Deep Fried Chicken Chop was MUCH BIGGER Than the rest... Hee hee!! That was what I called "BETTER TREATMENT" For OVERSEAS STUDENT as they knew I'm a Carnivore!!! " No MEAT, BAD MOOD...!!"

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