Friday, February 13, 2009


If you are a Food Lover ~ Taiwan is No Doubt a Food Paradise where All the Good Food Gathered......

I've spent Nearly Four Months in this Country and I enjoyed Every Moment of it. This is the Place Where I Break My Weight Record By Gaining 10KG!!

This Ham & Cheese Croissant was the First Food I had In Taiwan. It was Made and Given by my Senior who has completed her Sandwich Making Course and about to leave the hostel.

I was the First and Only who moved in. Her name is "Man Choo" ~ which means "Satisfy" in English.

To me, Taiwanese are Nice, Helpful and Caring People.. .OR I should say I was LUCKY to Meet All the Nicest and Friendliest People During My Stay in Taiwan. Our Friendship lasted till TODAY.....and shall Never End.

These are my Favourite Food, they are Similar to "Lok Lok" back home .. Only NTW10 ~ RM1 Per Stick!!

They were First Deep fried, then Chargrill to Perfection with BBQ Sauce and Sprinkle with Chilli Powder and Sesame seeds......

Yummy Food are Generally NOT HEALTHY!! Noticed the "Burnt" Sausages??


  1. hi,u are the well cooker i think.:)
    btw,me a bit confuse that,are u studied at taiwan or travel in taiwan? but now u at M'sia ,rite?

    my planning to go to taiwan maybe next yr Mac.

    ur taiwan food adventure attractive me most now. ha,...

  2. I had my short term course in Taiwan and now i'm back. Taiwan is the place to visit if you're a Food Lover .. and prepare to "GROW" after your trip! Ha ha...