Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kluang Station

Kluang Station Opened its First Outlet in Sarawak Last Year at tHe Spring, Kuching.

I personally think they serve the BEST NASI LEMAK in Town! With a Reasonable Price of RM4, you'll be given a Generous Amount of Crispy Peanuts, Ikan bilis and Most importantly "Spicy Sambal"!

But NEVER EVER Go for its "FRIED CHICKEN"!!! This Tiny Little Drumstick Cost RM 5.90!!!! Ok, Forget about the Price... I actually had Difficulty Swallowing the Drumstick cos It Was TOO...... DRY + HARD!!

I felt I've been CHEATED cos this was what stated in its Menu:

  • Whole Leg Fried Chicken
    Juicy, battered, deep fried chicken served hot, a great side to any order...

    These Fried Mini Wings ( 6 pcs) were Dry as well but Much much Better RM8.90
Hainanese Chicken Chop Rm12.90 ~ I like the Tomato Based Gravy!
Mee Siam
Sirap Selasih Rm 2.90

Kluang Station, G09
Ground Floor~ tHe Spring, Kuching

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