Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maggie Mee Goreng


" Cepat Dimasak, Sedap Dimakan! "

I can still remembered Maggie's Advertisement when I was little! Maggie Mee is something One Can't Resist! Even Kids!

Little Dylan Can't Take Spicy Food, even with Little Pepper Added still Complainted " Lak Lak"! But He Loves Maggie Mee Goreng ~ Curry Flavour Somemore!! He Rather Drink More Water whenever he Had this!

This is a Very Simple yet Tasty Dish! The Important Trick Is Do not OVerdone with the Noodle .... Just A quick Blanch will Do because You will Stir Fry Later .....

As for the Seasoning, It depends very much on Individual. To me, One Pack of Maggie Curry Seasoning Is just Nice for Two Packs of Noodles...

Tata........ Ready To Serve!!

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