Friday, June 12, 2009

3 IN 1 Cupcakes

I Named this "3 IN 1 Cupcakes" Simply because It has 3 Layers in it ...
  1. Chocolate Cake
  2. Peanut Butter Cheese
  3. Oreo Cookies

These Cupcakes Are KIDS' FAVOURITE!!

They're Biting into an ExtraOrdinary Cupcake With



  1. Hi Leo! OMG i love the idea of these 3 in 1 cupcakes! They sound like perfection!
    As for your question, the Hello Kitty Sweets restaurant in Taipei is the official Hello Kitty restaurant from Sanrio, so it is completely licensed and copyrighted. There are many unofficial Hello Kitty restaurants (I will blog about them soon), but they are not licensed or endorsed by Sanrio. You can read about Hello Kitty news at my Hello Kitty column:
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  2. 好特别的cookies!

  3. Little Dylan & Felicia helped me in placing oreo into each cupcakes..

    Great Holiday Baking Camp for them!

    When Dylan Had his First Bite, he was satisfied and said " IT's NICE!!"