Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bikini Birthday Cake

Yesterday Was My Birthday

My First Ever Birthday Celebration without Ah Ma..

I Baked Myself A "Bikini" Blueberry Cheesecake!

This was My Long Waited Cake indeed, I always wanted to make such a Naughty Cake But somehow Asian are too Conservative.... So I shall be the FIRST Who Own Such CAKE!!

This Little Cupcake with Plastic Flower Deco Was Placed on Ah Ma's Grave On My Birthday. I wanted her to have a share of what I had... and such Practice shall Remain Forever...

Opps..... One Side Was GONE!!


  1. last few day wan to leave msg..but failed.

    wish u belated birthday!my dear frd.

    btw,wan to ask u how u make the top of the bra? what cake is that?

  2. I had that problem too..
    You've to send "twice" in order to make comment.

    Trim 2 smaller cakes into "Dome" shape and stick onto the cake with Buttercream.

    That was a Blueberry cheesecake but any cake will be fine