Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breaking The RULES.....

COOKING In Hostel is ProHiBited!

We Decided To Break the RULES when we Discovered this "EVENING MARKET". Taiwanese regarded this kinda Market as " SunSet Market" as they only start operating in the Evening. We will PRoceed to the Market AFTER CLASS at around 6:30PM..

Oysters are in Abundance and Relatively Cheap In Taiwan. I decided to Have my First Attempt In Making " Deep Fried Crispy Oyster with Light Batter"
I did this during Weekends when Our "Hostel Keeper" has Gone Home. I had to Do This Near the Window as the Smell Was SO STRONG!! The HOT OIL Just "SPLASHED" Everywhere!! DISASTER!!

Verdict: Super Crispy Eventhough No Exact Measurement For the Batter, Oyster were SUper FRESH and JUICY!! Goes Well with Pepper Salt and Chilli Oil ....

This Is The "Restaurant" Version of Crispy Fried Oyster

This was Another Secret Cooking, I LOVE The Beans On The Left although I Regard Myself as "Carnivore". Mum Said It Is Called " HAIRY BEANS" ~ which I Have Never Seen Back Home..

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