Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yannick Patisserie 亞尼克菓子工房

It Was a Boring Weekend again, We decided to make a Trip to 萬里~ which was Quite a Distance Away from School. I had long heard of this "Miracle Bakery" from Media and friends.... where Long Queue is a "Norm " even on Weekdays !!
Founded in 2000 by a Young Baker Mr Tsung En Wu, Yannick Patisserie 亞尼克菓子工房 has become the Largest Patisserie Supplier of Taiwan in Just 3 YEARS TIME!!!
Famous for its High Quality PAtisserie with Fair Prices, the Annual Turnover has Grown From USD10,000 to a Staggering USD 8 MILLION in 2005! I'm Sure This Figure is Triple or More by now....

" YANNICK is Not Only a Patisserie Business. To Me, It Is Pursuing A DREAM....." Chairman Mr Tsung En Wu

小故事】用愛烘焙少年 給他機會 創造屬於他的天空 


Even We were "PREPARED" To Wait But Never Expect for Such a LONG QUEUE!!

I Had to Squeezed In Just To Snap Few Pictures and Have a Quick Look At Their Goodies... The Outlook were "Simple". Probably It was the "TASTE" and "PRICE" that Matters. TOO BAD...None Of My Buddies wanted to join the Queue and thus, NO COMMENT For Its Cakes!

Workers In ACTION...

     傳  真:(02)24928356

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