Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stir Fry Mussel With Basil

When you walk along "Dan Sui"Riverside Cycle Path 漁人碼頭 , You'll get to see People selling Fresh Mussels. Many Seafood Restaurant had Mussels as their Specialty.

I Started Eating Fresh Mussels During my Uni Days in Australia. Chinese Version of Mussel Cooking is a NEW TRY For me and I began to Acquire the Taste of "Basil". Both Thai and Taiwanese Love to Add Basil in their cooking to enhance the Taste.

~ Basil ~
The Selecting and Cleaning Process

The Menu ~ This Restaurant is the Oldest and Most Famous

My Version of Stir Fry Mussel ~ Secretly Cooked in My Hostel!

Verdict: Spicy But Too Dry To My Liking..

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