Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homemade Egg Tarts

Felicia is a Timid Little Girl, She hardly Open her "Golden Mouth" . However, if she happened to answer the phone she'll have this Request " Yi Yi, I want EGG TART!

This is Felicia's Way of Eating Egg Tarts ...

Today, Egg Tarts come in many Variations:

  • Hong Kong Style " ShortCrust Pastry" Type

  • Hong Kong Style "Flaky Puff Pastry " Type ~ Traditionally made with Lard rather than Butter OR Shortening

  • Portugese Egg Tarts ~ consists of custard in a crème brûlée-like consistency caramelized fashion in a puff pastry case

My Personal Preference would be "Portugese Egg Tarts". These Authentic Portugese-style Egg Tarts in Macau Is Simply... IRRESISTIBLE !

The BEST Portugese Egg Tarts I've ever had was in KFC, TAIPEI! As far as I know, KFC's selling PORTUGESE EGG TARTS in its TAIWAN and HONG KONG's Outlets..

I can hardly find any Local Bakery Selling Portugese Egg Tarts, what More to say PIPING HOT TARTS? The Craze is Over and I've to come out with My OWN HOMEMADE EGG TARTS ^-^

"Original" Portugese Egg Tarts
"Blueberry" Portugese Egg Tarts
" Peach" Portugese Egg Tarts
"Coconut" Portugese Egg Tarts

Hong Kong "Flaky" Egg Tarts

Hong Kong "Shortcrust" Egg Tarts


  1. i never make egg tart by myself, since i dont like eat tart.

    but ur egg tart look so delicious, it's make me called back the egg tart which selling at Macau. Yumi Yumi...

    p/s: how old Felicia now? my older son very choosy in food, alwis make me headache..hus..

  2. Felicia is almost 4 now, Very picky too.... She'll take Ages to complete her meal but She just Loves Egg Tarts and Caramel Pudding!