Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You, Uncle !!

Since I was little .... I've been Having this " Unknown Fear" Towards My Uncle. It was really strange because I've never been Scolded OR Beaten by him. In fact, I'm NOT the Only Odd One who's Afraid of him..... We ALL have the same feeling towards him. Probably because of his Profession??


Apart from my Dad, my Uncle is the ONLY one who has shown his Tremendous Support "Quietly" to my "Hobby cum Career" through subscribing "Flavours" Magazine and Buying Cooking/Baking Books ~ Mostly bought and sent from Overseas.

Although he is a Busy Professional, he will take the Trouble to Personally Wrap the Book before giving to me.

I NEVER have the Chance to tell him Personally How Grateful and Lucky I am to have him as my Uncle.... cos i'm still having this Phobia of Talking to him although i've already Grown up.


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